International Warranty

Warranty Conditions Summary

A 3 Year Limited Warranty (from the date of original purchase) is provided Internationally by Gear to Goannawhere for LOKKA products and Transfer Case Conversion Parts.

Free Wheel Hubs are not included in the above and have a 1 Year Limited Warranty.

All Warranties are not transferable and only cover the original purchaser and is not extended by any replacement or repair for any reason.

Warranty Conditions Detail

  1. Warranty is for manufacturers faulty parts and workmanship
  2. Warranty Period is for 3 Years from date of original purchase excluding Free Wheel Hubs
  3. Warranty Period is for 1 Year from date of original purchase for Free Wheel Hubs
  4. In the unlikely event of a Request for Warranty, the Clearances recorded during fitting, along with all parts & components must be returned for inspection to Gear to Goannawhere, with proof of purchase supplied and freight pre-paid
  5. The manner of Warranty (repair or replacement or exchange) is at the exclusive discretion of Gear to Goannawhere
  6. Gear to Goannawhere must be notified in writing of any part or component failure leading to a potential Request for Warranty, within 14 days of any event
  7. A “Returns Authorization Number” will be issued for the return of all parts and components in the event of notification leading to acceptance of a Request for Warranty
  8. Determination of acceptance of a Request for Warranty is at the exclusive discretion of Gear to Goannawhere.

Warranty Conditions Exclusions

  1. All freight and labour costs
  2. All consequential damages or injury, personal or property by any persons or entities
  3. Any result of modification or alteration of the original parts
  4. Any misuse, abuse or abnormal use of the parts
  5. Any incorrect fitting of the parts during installation
  6. Any accidental damage
  7. Any extension beyond the 3 Year period after original purchase, or 1 Year period after original purchase for Free Wheel Hubs
  8. Any secondary purchaser of any parts or components

All Parts and components deemed not to comply with the Warranty Conditions will be returned to the original purchaser at their expense.