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LOKKA in action!

There are many videos by customers showing off what they can do with their fitted LOKKA

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LOKKA is an automatic differential locker that is invaluable for Off-Roading. Whether fitted to front, rear or both differentials, Traction Performance is significantly improved in all realms of 4x4 and 2x4 performance activity.

LOKKA differential locker

Aussie Locker ?

What is the history of LOKKA?
LOKKA has been manufactured in Australia since the late 1990’s and has been sold globally under its own brand name or re-branded for local resellers.
From 2003 to 2012 it was best known in North America under the brand name Aussie Locker™*

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*Aussie Locker is a Trademark of Torq-Masters Technology Inc

Part-Time Conversion Kit

Gear to Goannawhere offers a Part Time 4x4 Conversion Kit for Toyota Landcruiser 80, 105 & 100 Series and some Lexus models.


"I have a front LOKKA, AND LOVE IT! It is the best mod on my truck! It gets me everywhere the big trucks can and some they can't! It is absolutely brilliant, bullet proof and a thing of beauty!"
- Andrew R, Toyota Hilux/Pickup 2000

"Tested the Lokka out at a local medium to hard trail here and they exceeded my expectations. At the Jeep Club meeting tonight I will be telling everyone about Lokka"
- Tyson G, Jeep Wrangler JK

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LOKKA Differential Locker

LOKKA Differential Products

LOKKA is a fully automatic Differential Lock that does not require manual operation. It doesn’t have switches, external lines, electric or pneumatic controls of any sort.
It relies on a simple mechanical design which makes use of two distinct sets of forces - the "ground driven" forces acting on a wheel when cornering (that force an outside wheel to turn faster) and the forces from the engine (power) turning the differential and axles.

The combination of these two sets of opposing forces and the LOKKA design allow the automatic engagement and disengagement of the driving gears when a vehicle turns or requires differential action.

Wheel slippage or a loss of traction can occur for many reasons off-road and include excess throttle, fast approach speeds, limitations in wheel travel (especially independent front suspension vehicles), weight transfer off drive wheels & slippery surfaces such as mud, sand, snow, shale, wet grass etc.

In many of these circumstances both the normal standard differential and LSD center will allow the wheels with the least resistance to spin. Thus the wheels with traction do not obtain any real drive and the vehicle will lose speed or stop. LSD centers might assist under these circumstances but only if they are in good condition and only if there is enough resistance on the spinning wheels to activate the clutch pack or gears to force drive to the wheels with traction.
Even a new LSD will allow a lifted wheel to spin freely with no drive to the wheel with traction.

LOKKA overcomes the traction deficiency of the standard differential and LSD center  to ensure that a 50:50 power split is achieved when driving, irrespective of ground (or air !) conditions, yet at the same time still allowing differential action when cornering on hard ground.

Whether fitted to front or rear or both differentials, Traction Performance is significantly improved in all situations.

LOKKA enjoys an excellent reputation for reliability throughout the world – sold in every continent, in all realms of 4x4 and 2x4 performance activity.

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LOKKA differential locker

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